At the Fondouk, there is no time off from animal suffering … we’re saving lives 7 days a week!

Many times, I wish I could sit down with our supporters and tell them about all the goings on here at American Fondouk. But with time such a precious commodity, I can only send updates from Fez, Morocco, periodically.Donkey Day

But let me assure you. I’m thankful every day for the impact our supporters make here in this rugged but beautiful land.

Every day is a challenge. But did you know we’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to heal? Or that we treat thousands of animals every year that would otherwise go without medical treatment – entirely for free?

There can be no question. What are often thought to be repairable injuries and preventable maladies in most areas can become a death sentence here in this harsh environment.

Let me give you an example. During one hectic week, we had 6-7 cases of colic in for treatment – each day – for a week!

One poor equid had 2 meters of his small intestine wrapped in a blanket under his belly after a run-in with a cow. Another had dropped a loop of small intestine into his scrotum.

With the level of skill here at the Fondouk, operations like these are highly successful. A donkey, horse, or mule provides years of valuable service to the family who depends on them. But sometimes, I wonder about their fate if we were not here.Fondouk patient

In Fez, there is no time off from injuries or sickness. The working animals of Fez, Medina have a hard life – transporting goods, ploughing fields, and carrying huge burdens. Injuries are inevitable. Sickness will happen. But if we are here, we will save lives every day.

With sick and injured animals lined up at our doors, our full team of vets, interns, and students are always on their toes.

There are also lots of new challenges, and new bills, that pop up every day.

To add to our struggles, our electrical failed after some heavy rains struck the region. The downpours got into everything – even causing our current regulators to explode – leaving us with no current. While much of our equipment survived, some older pieces had to be replaced.

Whether it’s an old adversary like harsh weather, new challenges like a global pandemic, or many villagers needing help for their animals on the same day … we’ll be here saving lives 7 days a week.


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