Dental Care

Many of the mules in Fez are extremely old and have dental problems, such as overgrown or sharp teeth, which can cause severe pain and depress their appetites. The American Fondouk has excellent facilities for the examination and treatment of common dental problems. We also have a full mouth speculum, as well as motorized dental equipment for rasping teeth and molar cutters if teeth need a more radical treatment.


The American Fondouk performs two or three life-saving surgeries each week. These range from tumor removals to major trauma repair and also castrations.

Internal Medicine

The donkeys, mules, and horses in Morocco have to combat a huge range of diseases of both viral and bacterial origins. Many of these diseases are no longer seen in the west as most animals are routinely vaccinated. Our vets are often faced with animals suffering from tetanus, rabies, influenza, and herpes virus. The animals are also vulnerable to colic, a problem which affects horses worldwide. In Africa however, the causes of these gastrointestinal problems are endless. One of the most common reasons for developing colic is eating plastic bags. These cause catastrophic blockages of the intestinal system and require intensive therapy to survive.

Lameness Diagnosis and Treatment

The vast majority of working donkeys and horses seen at the American Fondouk are lame in at least one limb, if not multiple limbs. Overwork and a lifetime of poor farrier care make lameness a common reason for seeking treatment. Having to carry hundreds of kilos when each step hurts must be despairing for them. Unlike human patients, these animals can’t say to us “Doc it hurts right here,” so diagnosing and treating the source of lameness is often a difficult and time consuming procedure. Our team of veterinarians is skilled at lameness workups and we have the backup of a comprehensive range of diagnostic imaging equipment.

Free Veterinary Care

We offer free of charge veterinary care for working animals only. We also provide educational services and nutritional information to the owners to improve the welfare of their animals.


Our sophisticated digital radiography equipment allows us to make correct diagnoses of orthopedic problems and enables the most effective treatment plan to be put in place. The photo shows a young donkey with a complete cannon bone fracture that has had a full limb cast placed on for 6 weeks. Without our radiography service, we could not have seen whether this fracture was repairable or not.

Clinical Pathology

Our full-service laboratory allows us to examine an animals’ blood to get the maximum information about his disease. We are able to look at all his enzymes, (biochemistry) his electrolytes, and the number and quality of each of his blood cells (hematology). This allows us to make accurate diagnoses of even the most obscure diseases. Once we know what is wrong with an animal, we can then start to treat it.