Clinical Technology

Diagnostic Imaging Facilities

The American Fondouk is equipped with some of the most up-to-date and sensitive imaging equipment to help us locate where and what is causing the problem in our lame and sick patients. We have digital radiography and an excellent ultrasound unit for lameness diagnosis. We also have video endoscopy and gastroscopy for looking into the lungs and the intestines, and a digital microscopy for looking at cells and bacteria.

Laboratory Facilities

We are lucky at the American Fondouk to have excellent laboratory facilities in-house, including hematology and biochemistry machines, and equipment to evaluate blood gases and electrolytes.

These diagnostic tools are critical to forming a rational and effective therapeutic plan for the animals who are treated at Fondouk. Colics and diseases are probably two of the biggest killers of working equids in Africa. Good laboratory equipment is essential to making a good diagnosis.