Fez Medina is a UNESCO World Heritage site, forming part of the cultural heritage – which the world heritage committee considers as having outstanding universal value. Fez Medina has a total population of 200,000 and is the largest car-free urban area in the world.

Many of the residents of Fez Medina own a donkey or a mule or will use them to transport goods to their house or business. Even with continued development and satellite dishes appearing in more houses, these working animals will always be a vital part of the community.

Sustaining healthy animals helps sustain the lives of many families of Fez.

Visitors to the American Fondouk are always welcome. When you visit us, we will take you on a tour to see the animals and have a close look at the interactions between our team of vets, technicians and the owners of the animals. Drop-in visitors are always welcome as well. We suggest you arrive in the morning.

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