An orphan foal survived, thanks to quick thinking and a surrogate mother!

You may think you’ve heard about every way American Fondouk saves animal lives. But you haven’t heard anything yet!

A desperate owner brought his pregnant horse to American Fondouk because he didn’t know how to help her give birth. No problem!

Every morning, there’s a line of worried owners and hurting animals at our gates. But this owner needed his horse so badly, he took her home fast shortly after giving birth.

That left a frightened foal with us –with no way to nurse. Problem!

A newborn foal can weigh about 45 kg, or 100 lbs. That’s a big baby, and it’s going to need a lot of nourishment to grow and thrive. Without her mom to feed her, baby Lina desperately needed a new way to survive.

At first, we weren’t sure what todo. But we knew, we had to do something to help Lina. Then, it hit me. We had to find a substitute mom to stand in for few days!

I pulled our esteemed President, Bob Coleman, into my station wagon for support, and took off to a local souk, or marketplace. Believe it or not, we found a mother goat that was still nursing a kid. We purchased both her and her kid, and rushed back to American Fondouk!

It might seem like an unlikely family, but our solution worked beautifully. Within 36 hours, Lina was re-weaned on highly nutritious goat milk.

Thank goodness, we had the resources to make sure Lina could eat while we awaited the owner’s return. That’s the lifesaving difference our supporters make when we face difficult decisions.

The owner returned after ten days to find a happy and healthy Lina. We thought, why break up a beautiful new family, and sent all three home with the owner!

It may be hard to understand why the owner had to leave so soon after the birth of Lina. But if you know Morocco, you know this rugged and ancient land is still dependent on sustenance agriculture.

That means lives depend on the labor of working animals like Lina and her mom. But the harsh reality is, there’s just one doctor for every 4,500 humans in Morocco. Veterinary care is too often seen as a luxury few can afford.

That’s why every gift we receive matters.

Through supporters ongoing support, we’re able to provide the free veterinary care that can stop the suffering and dying of animals from repairable injuries and preventable maladies.

We also provide education to animal owners on proper animal husbandry, nutrition, humane handling, and much more. It all combines to ease the burden for these beautiful and powerful working animals and the families who depend on them.

I can tell you firsthand, the difference our supporters make is magnificent. Every day, we have 40-50 hospitalized animals here with us. From intensive care and surgery, to outpatient care –to finding a temporary mom for a foal like Lina –our supporters help makes it all happen.

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