Aamil was dying — but travel was shut down hard. You’d expect us to DO SOMETHING. And we did …

What’s one life worth?

For animal lovers like us, one life is worth EVERYTHING. No matter the obstacles. No matter the distance. No matter what the consequences may be. If you have the power to save one life, you do it. You go all the way — or find another calling.

At the American Fondouk, colic is something we see quite often. If caught in time, we can usually take care of it quickly. But this was different.

Aamil with colicBack in April of 2020, just as the confinement laws became stricter due to the COVID-19 pandemic — and no one was allowed to leave their village — we got a desperate call for help. It was from a donkey owner named Hassan who lived in a village we knew well.

When we found out just how sick Hassan’s donkey really was, we were shocked. Due to an advanced case of colic, Aamil couldn’t even stand. Of course we said, “Bring Aamil to us immediately for treatment!” As it turned out, Hassan had already tried that twice …

When a life is on the line, you’d expect us to DO SOMETHING. To find a way, no matter what. I can tell you, Aamil’s case was a difficult one. As concerned citizens, we understood that lockdowns are critical to saving lives. But in this case, they were going to take one.

You see, Hassan lives in a village that’s 60 km away. It’s a hard journey, but under normal circumstances, it’s one that we undertake often. In fact, Hassan’s village is one the Fondouk visited monthly for a free outpatient clinic before COVID-19 hit.

But due to the lockdown — Hassan could not get to us. And we could not get to him.Aamil

Finally, after being turned back twice by authorities, Hassan set out on a desperate journey to bring Aamil to the Fondouk and save his life. As soon as Hassan called us from a police post on the outskirts of Fez, we rushed to meet him, and got there in ten minutes.

With the help of the police officer, we made the transfer. In a very short time, Aamil was loaded onto a Fondouk cart, and headed for complete and compassionate care.

I’m thrilled to tell you, Aamil was back on his feet within a week!

He ended up staying with us four weeks due to travel restrictions, but even that worked out. When a very happy Hassan came to collect Aamil — it was just in time to harvest his corn.

Supporters understand just how important the circle of life is here in Morocco. The villagers depend on their working animals to survive.

AamilThis year, we’ll perform thousands of life-saving surgeries. We’ll provide thousands of hours of medical treatment for reparable injuries and basic maladies. We will serve all who need us. No matter what.

Together, we are making a world of difference.

Here in this ancient land of Fez, simple afflictions can cause devastating harm without prompt and proper health care. That’s why we provide our services free of charge.

For this reason, every gift is vital. In fact — every dollar matters. I can tell you firsthand, support has a profound and immediate impact on our life-saving work.

Moreover, donations go farther here in Fez due to the crippling poverty in the villages of this harsh land. But it takes more than money to save lives. It takes a commitment to act.

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