Without a doubt, seeing an animal in pain is heartbreaking.

But, for the American Fondouk staff pictured here, transporting a mare who suffered a traumatic head injury was also very dangerous! Our staff has the proper equipment and training to keep themselves safe as they work with animals in distress because of our loyal supporters.

With the type of neurologic injury this large mare had, both patient and caregivers were at risk during transport. The uncontrolled movements of an animal who is frightened and in pain can be unpredictable. This is especially true as animals make attempts to stand when they are still uncoordinated and disoriented. Seizures and violent movements can also exacerbate already severe brain inflammation.

The 16-year-old mare’s ordeal began with a fall and then she flipped over backwards and hit her head. After a safe but difficult transport, our veterinarians decided to keep the horse continuously sedated overnight for her safety and that of the hospital staff. She received anti-inflammatory and antibiotic support and was kept hydrated.

And, we all hoped for the best …

Happily, she responded quickly to treatment! With the help of a sling, she was soon upright. Within two days, she was eating and drinking on her own, and no longer needed the sling for support. Though the mare is still showing some neurological deficits, she continues to improve every day as the weeks go by.

Her progress is wonderful news for her owner who depends on his mare to pull the cart he needs for his livelihood. Like so many of the poor, working families in Fez lives, hopes, and dreams are literally carried on the backs of their working animals!

Continued hospitalization and intensive care of a horse like this in a hospital in Europe or the United States would cost thousands of dollars. Something far out of the reach of the owners who turn to American Fondouk for help.

The full-service, advanced veterinary care the Fondouk provides is done at a fraction of the cost − and at no cost to the owners. We provide medical care for the animals today and we’re also changing the future of equine care. Technology is now allowing us to share the treatment of difficult cases and other critical care information with equine veterinarians around the world.

Help us continue to provide free veterinary services today and into the future. So many animals need us for quality, compassionate care. Their families need them …to survive!

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