For a faithful working animal … too much care is never ENOUGH!

The love our supporters have for animals … their compassion, their generosity … is making such a beautiful difference in Morocco!

They are helping us provide care for working animals over the course of their entire lives.

From birth to death — through sickness and health — their heart is there. I am so grateful. The animals’ owners are grateful. I wish our supporters could meet every one of them. They would see it in their eyes …their gratitude, their joy … knowing that the animals they love so much can receive the care and comfort they need.

Our hospital experiences end of life situations and the start of a new “healthy” life often.

I think of Mr. Khalid, grieving for his horse. The mare had suffered a severe shoulder fracture. She must surely have been in terrible pain. Mr. Khalid loved this animal dearly. She had served him so faithfully and well, for so many years. He couldn’t bear to let her suffer this way. Hoping against hope, he brought her to us.

He was so glad to find our hospital open and functioning — he thought perhaps the pandemic had closed us down. (Thanks to the faithful support of caring friends, we were indeed at work, with safety precautions in place.)

But then came the sad reckoning with reality. Our veterinary team examined the mare’s shoulder injury and delivered the unfortunate news: There was no way to repair such extreme damage. The only way to relieve this animal’s agony would be to euthanize her.

Mr. Khalid was heartbroken, but grateful to know the truth … and grateful to know that our team would administer this beloved animal’s final treatment in a humane manner.Injured horse

At the same time, every day, the generosity of our loyal supporters provides comfort and care for animals in the prime of life — getting them comfortable, and healthy, and strong, and keeping them that way.

A working donkey was brought to us with a major wound on his underside. He was also limping because of an old calcified tendon. We treated the wound, repaired the tendon — and then tended to the animal carefully as he recuperated. He was with us five weeks … but the day finally came when he walked out of our hospital strong and healthy — with no limp — ready to get back home, ready to serve well once again!

It was a deeply satisfying sight, seeing this faithful servant leaving our hospital in perfect health. We take pride in what our supporters help accomplish — empowering our teams to rescue and restore this cherished animal.

We are here to treat all working animals of Fez.

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