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You may know that monthly giving is a cost-effective and efficient way to support the animals you care so much about.  You may also know a steady and reliable income helps us plan for the best possible use of every dollar.

But did you know the American Fondouk legacy of love began more than 90 years ago?

Back in 1927, Amy Bend Bishop traveled from America to Morocco as a tourist.  She was soon troubled by the poor conditions the working animals of Fez faced.  She felt compelled to act and founded American Fondouk.  So, it is in her honor we created the Society.

Please join the Society


Once you accept our invitation to join the Amy Bend Bishop Society, you can rest assured your monthly gift will make a bigger life-saving impact every day of the year.  You’ll help us prioritize animal rescues, provide more free veterinary care, improve animal husbandry and so much more.  All you have to do is decide on an amount.

Monthly giving levels usually start at $10 — but any gift is welcome.  Once you join with us, there are no more checks to write.  No more stamps to buy.  You can be sure your love is on the way.

You’re always in charge

Want to change credit cards?  The amount of your donation?  Discontinue your commitment?  Just give us a call.

To learn more, please contact us at or (617) 541-5046.

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 Unable to make a monthly commitment at this time?

You can still make a difference with a one-time gift.