Change is happening to centuries old treatment for working animals in Fez.

You’ve heard me say how your support helps us educate owners and make an impact on their animals’ lives.

Today, I want to share a story with you that proves … IT’S WORKING!

Ongoing support from our friends has been life-changing and deeply appreciated by individuals, like Azmi …

Four years ago, Azmi, who is quite severely disabled, was devastated when his donkey died from colic. With no money to replace his animal, there would also be no way for him to make a living.

Thankfully, donations from our generous members have made it possible for American Fondouk to be able to offer replacement animals for people in such dire straits. And, Azmi has shown his gratitude by taking every step possible to diligently care for his new donkey.

For even minor ailments, Azmi brings her to the Fondouk right away to be sure she does not suffer, and no condition gets out of control. Twice the donkey was seen because of an acute stress fracture, which can be a major problem. She was successfully treated by infiltration in the core lesion, trimming, and shoeing. And each time, Azmi followed the care instructions he received and brought her back for scheduled recheck appointments.

On their last visit, Azmi’s donkey received a full lameness workup and an examination. All her parameters were within normal limits and new x-rays taken to compare to her old ones show she’s doing very well!

As you can see by the photographs, Azmi is both pleased and proud to know his donkey is healthy. And, so are we!

Azmi faces difficult challenges daily and needs his donkey to provide services like pulling carts of goods and transporting people to earn a wage. Knowing he can rely on American Fondouk to give his animal proper care means he can also provide for himself and his family.

It warms my heart to know that the cycle of animal care in Fez – a place where time has stood still in so many other ways – is changing for the better. Our dedicated supporters take credit for being a part of the change that is so needed – and so wonderful!

I hope reading about how things are changing for the animals we treat at American Fondouk will also inspire you to send a gift.

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