Abandoned in a filthy canal, we rushed in to save Amine!

thin donkey waits at the garbage heap looking sad

Amine was one little donkey in a whole lot of trouble.

He was left alone to die in an abandoned canal filled with rubbish and mud. We really don’t want to think about what would have happened if we didn’t get the emergency call. Thank goodness, we did. And thank goodness because our supporters keep us ready to perform life-saving rescues.

If there’s urgency in my words, it’s for good reason.

Imagine if we weren’t here in Fez, Morocco —on the ground and ready to respond 24 hours a day. What would Amine’s fate have been? It’s painful to think about. But you don’t have to.

As soon as we got the emergency call, we sent our special veterinary ambulance to the scene with a seven-person team. There were two technicians, three grooms, a fifth-year student from Glasgow, and a senior veterinarian.

Experienced, innovative and relentless, this is a team that saves lives. But even they were facing a daunting challenge. An injured and exhausted Amine was at the bottom of an abandoned canal with steep walls rising on both sides.

Now that they had found the little fellow —how would they get Amine out of the canal?

By applying an ancient leverage system to solve a modern-day problem, the American Fondouk rescue team managed to pull Amine out of the canal using only ropes.

We promise you, there was nothing easy about it. All we can tell you is our team gladly put themselves into a difficult situation to get the job done. There are always moments during a rescue like this that can be dangerous. What if Amine began to struggle and kick?

All we can say is there is a moment when you find a connection with a suffering animal. It’s an eye-to-eye communication that makes you feel as if the animal understands what’s going on. You can almost imagine him thinking, “It’s O.K., do what you need to do to help me.”

Once out of the canal, Amine was rushed to our full-service animal hospital, where our mission is always to heal the animal as quickly as possible. Sadly, Amine is not alone.

On any given morning, there is a line for our free veterinary services. Complete with two veterinarians, a laboratory, surgical facilities, rehabilitation areas —and even a blacksmith —we have what it takes to save the lives of these magnificent working animals.

The ongoing support from our donors makes it all possible, more than you might even know.

When you help save the lives of donkeys, mules and horses in this part of the world, you’re also saving the lives of the families who depend on them. Did you know Fez is home to the largest car-free urban area in the world? These precious beasts of burden are here to stay.

Quite literally, the economic health of this developing community rides on the strong backs of its working animals. The owners depend on American Fondouk. And we depend on our supporters.

Helping these poor animals and their equally poor owners is a gift of life. Without us, too many would needlessly suffer and die. With our supporters help, they get a second chance at life.

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